Abstract Submission and Registration

Abstract Submission :

Template for Abstract Submission ( download .doc / .pdf )

Short Vitae :

For the book of abstracts you might submit a Short Vitae ( download .doc / .pdf )

Registration :

To register, please complete this form ( download .doc / .pdf )

IME-NANOMXCN Sponsorship :

(Use this form ONLY if you are a Mexican National leaving outside México applying for the IME-NANOMXCN Sponsorship)
IME-NANOMXCN Sponsorship Form ( download .doc / .pdf )


RETURN ALL FILLED FORMS TO NANOMXCN Secretariat (nanomxcn@cityu.edu.hk)
UPDATE: Early registration deadline: 15 Nov 2016



After abstract submission send an email to (nanomxcn@cityu.edu.hk) to request an invitation letter to apply for Chinese Visa
NOTE: Please consult the Chinese Consular Webpage for Visa Requirements and Application Form